Summertime fun the Meadowbrook way. 

Good Horsemanship is paramount at Meadowbrook Stables. With a variety of summer programs to choose from both children and adults will find something to meet their needs and prosper. Meadowbrook’s summer horsemanship programs allow children and adults to experience firsthand the benefits of riding and caring for animals. Our educational programs provide information, instruction, and practice opportunities for students to learn safe horse handling, care and maintenance, as well as riding skills and the rules of a variety of disciplines of equestrian sports and competitions. We offer week-long camps for children ages 6-14, as well as adult camp for ages 18 and up.

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We’re Camp Certified!

Meadowbrook Stables is proud to receive annual Maryland State certification. Our program offers instruction to campers of all levels. All camp staff must complete a rigorous training program conducted in-house by our USHJA certified trainer. Meadowbrook Stables takes a serious approach to horsemanship while maintaining a fun learning environment. Our horses are well schooled to nurture the novice rider and help perfect the equitation skills of the most accomplished equestrian. Our equine management classes include such topics as horse and tack care, horse health, nutrition and blacksmith care, barn management and horse breeds. All Meadowbrook instructors are First Aid and CPR certified.



Full Day Camp (Ages 10-14, all levels) Camp hours are from 8:30am – 4:00pm. In each session small groups are assembled according to ability level supplied by applicant and through a Meadowbrook evaluation conducted on the first day of camp. Campers learn about horse care and horseback riding through lectures, activities, games,demonstrations and riding lessons. At the end of each session, we invite you to watch the campers ride in their camp horse show!

Show Camp  (Ages 9-16, 8:30am-4:00pm) Show Camp is a program designed to introduce riders to the responsibilities and fun of attending and participating in a horse show. Each week the riders focus on preparing themselves and their horses for a show. Additionally, riders learn about the various aspects of running a horse show as well as competing. At the end of each session, riders are encourages to participate in a local horse show under the supervision of Meadowbrook Staff (additional show fees apply).

Mini Camp (Ages 6-9, Beginner thru walk/trot/canter) Younger campers may participate in a morning half day program. Morning session runs from 8:30-12:00. With a ratio of three campers to every one staff member, safety and quality instruction are top priorities. The curriculum is designed to introduce campers to the fundamentals of riding and horse care in a fun and safe environment. At the end of each session, we invite you to watch the campers ride in their camp horse show!

Mini Camp Extended Day (May be added on to Mini Camp session) New for 2018! Mini campers may choose to extend their camp session into a full day program, with additional activities including horsey arts & crafts, movies and games. Extended day campers should pack a lunch and a change of clothes. Extended day runs from 12:00pm-4:00pm and can be added to weeks marked with an asterisk (*) on the camp schedule.


Required Equipment

Campers must have all items listed below on the first day of camp. If campers do NOT have all their required items, the camper will not be allowed to ride until all items have been supplied to the camper. Horseback Riding Helmet: All riders are required to bring and use their own ASTM (Standard #F1163) and SEI tested helmets. NO bicycle or ski helmets are allowed. Appropriate Footwear: In order to ride, students must have leather paddock boots, leather tall boots or any sturdy boot with a smooth sole and a half-inch defined heel. Grooming Bucket: Mini Campers do not need to provide their own bucket for camp, but Full Day Campers will need their own bucket. First year campers have the option to rent a bucket for the week for $20/week. The Loft at Meadowbrook offers pre-packaged grooming buckets to buy. Buckets should include: leadline, hoof pick, a hard and soft brush, curry comb, plastic sweat scraper, comb and sponge.



All riders must wear while riding:

  • Boots with a smooth sole (no waffle soles) or sturdy boots with a half inch defined heel. Please no tall rubber boots.
  • Long pants, britches, or jodhpurs
  • An SEI/ASTM F1163 certified riding helmet
  • Sunscreen to reapply during the camp day – a necessity for all campers!
  • Riders should bring a change of clothes such as shorts, tennis shoes, etc., to wear while not riding. Each camper should mark their name on all of their belongings.