Meadowbrook Stables is located in beautiful Chevy Chase, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. We offer riding and horsemanship lessons in hunters, hunt seat equitation, and jumpers to riders of all levels, ages 6 through adult. We also offer a range of summer camp programs, as well as boarding, leasing and showing opportunities.

The Stables is operated by Meadowbrook Foundation Inc., a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization with a five-fold charitable mission. Meadowbrook Stables is located on land leased from the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

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Meadowbrook Stables was built in 1934.

One of the oldest riding academies in the United States, is located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, just outside of Washington DC. When it opened, the “Meadowbrook Saddle Club” was recognized as one of the “finest saddle clubs in the East” and hosted local, national, and international horse shows. The club portion of the building was designed after a Charlottesville tavern. The second floor contained a ballroom.

The stables were run as a private boarding barn and riding school until 19XX, at which time the facility was purchased by David Bradley, founder of The Atlantic magazine. Mr. Bradley established Meadowbrook Foundation, Inc, and donated the stables to the foundation in 2001. He then invested in extensive renovations to the barns, rings, paddocks, and other aspects of the facility.

Since then, Meadowbrook has maintained a strong riding program that excels in teaching riding and horsemanship to children and adults of all levels, from beginners through those showing at the national level.

Meadowbrook’s Unique Five-Fold Missson

Our mission is central to our identity and underlies all of our lessons, horsemanship, showings, and other programs. The mission includes:

PRINCIPLE 1: Education of the public about horses through programs designed to foster the development of equestrian skills, as well as the principles of kindness, responsibility, and care for all animals.

PRINCIPLE 2: Programs for at-risk youth who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with horses in a safe, positive and educational environment.

PRINCIPLE 3: Programs for children suffering from debilitating illnesses enabling them, along with their families, to experience the joy and unconditional love of bonding with horses.

PRINCIPLE 4: Programs for horse welfare providing medical care and therapeutic treatments designed to keep them comfortable and mentally stimulated, allowing them to function in a healthy and productive way.

PRINCIPLE 5: Historic preservation of Meadowbrook Stables, with special attention to the restoration of the barn and buildings, the stewardship of the grounds and the continuing care to ensure the seventy year tradition of horsemanship.

As part of our mission to promote horse welfare, Meadowbrook is committed to providing its lesson horses and ponies with life-long care throughout their retirement. Please contact the General Manager to enquire about making a tax deductible donation of a horse or pony to the Meadowbrook Foundation.



Katrina Weinig
General Manager

Diane Rogers
Head Trainer & Program Director
Certified USHJA Trainer

Allie Morris
Office Manager
Camp & IEA Coordinator

Ashley Miller
Barn Manager
Certified ARIA Trainer
Head IEA Coach

Elise Enoch
Assistant Barn Manager

Ryan Carroll
Assistant Trainer

Lara McPherson
Show Coordinator

Gary Aldridge

Kathleen Catliota

Stephanie Fontana

Crystal Grayson

Katie Diederichs

Armando Martinez
Stable Supervisor

Selvin “Eddie” Castillo
Assistant Stable Supervisor

Essential Barn Staff
Jose Wilfedo Caballero
Juan Perez
Godofredo Garcia Flores