Meadowbrook Stables is participating in Giving Tuesday this year and is looking for YOUR SUPPORT!

Giving Tuesday is coming up on Tuesday, November 28th. Our goal this year is to raise $25,000 towards the purchase of a new horse trailer! A horse trailer is essential to Meadowbrook’s operations, allowing us to:

* Transport horses to the vet for wellness visits. The horse or pony your child rides in lessons needs regular checkups and care! We take 3-4 horses each week to vets in Virginia and Maryland.
* Be prepared for emergency medical transport. In cases of illness or accident, every minute counts! It’s critical that we be able to quickly and safely get our horses to equine hospitals.
* Safely and efficiently transport your horses to shows. Meadowbrook riders travel to horse shows an average of 35 weeks each year! Being able to ship horses “in-house” saves our riders the higher costs of paying commercial shippers.

Our current trailer is over 20 years old and in need of replacement. Please consider a tax deductible donation today!